Thursday, November 13, 2008

On my Election Experience

I have not written anything since July and partially that has been because I have been busy with school. It has been a bit gauche to have my blog lead with a story about how I dislike "Newman's Own" products, but few people read this anyway.

Here are some pictures from my election experience. I apologize for the cell phone quality pictures, but I did not want to take my camera with me because that would tempt fate to presume I would be happy with the outcome and want to take pictures.

These are people on the corner of U Street and 14th Street, NW. There were street drummers at this intersection and people started dancing. The people in the center of the picture are standing on top of a bus stop shelter.

People expressed their happiness in many different ways. Some people cried, others made music while people danced, and others shouted for joy. The whole night (yes literally all night) car horns honked wherever I went.

Below are group of people running in the street at the intersection's of V Street and 14th Street.

They are carrying a large American flag.

They police blocked off the street shortly after this because there were so many pedestrians running in the street.

This is some guy wearing a banana costume. I guess he is supposed to be a banana for Obama. It must have seemed funny to him at the time.

The general feeling of the night was as though a spontaneous street carnival broke out on the streets of D.C.

Here is my picture of the empty newspapers stands the next morning. It did not matter what paper you were looking for, it was sold out. The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal were all sold out. Everyone wanted a souvenir election newspaper. Consequently I was not able to buy one.