Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Hazing Is Not Over

This is a particularly long weekend for me. Today is the "faculty retreat" and I have no idea what that entails except that I get another day off from school. A lot of people went home, wherever that may be, to enjoy Presidents Day weekend. The dorms have been mostly empty. However, that's okay with me because I've been tired over the last few weeks. This term I have 17 credit hours compared with 13 last semester.

Before the semester started a third year student said, to a group of us first years, "Now that your first semester is over the hazing is done. The hazing is over." I don't think so. Last week I had a 3200 word paper due. We didn't have any papers that long last semester.

I never felt so continually behind last semester. Plus I'm supposed to be finding a summer job during my free time. (No positive replies yet on that front, but I'm still looking.) Fortunately there are more breaks within the semester. We will have a week for spring break. Then a few weeks later comes Good Friday and being a good Jesuit university, we get that off too.

I hope to see everyone this summer. I miss you all.